Sunday, 13 March 2011

Bayonetta Mini Review

A bonsai review I fired off to Xbox World 360 in the hope of landing a week long work experience placement.
Unsuccessful, but practice makes perfect. I think there was a 150 word limit for this one:

I REALLY thought it was going to be sexist. All legs, ass and lips, wearing clothes which come off during special attacks framed by a lecherous camera. I mean, come on!
But having had the chance to sit down with Bayonetta, I realise now what a charming, intelligent and funny character she really is. Formidable in gameplay, revered in cutscenes, Bayonetta is an exciting and playful hero, a spirit which inhabits every component of the game.

Memorable tunes swirl round your head as you coolly work through another of the grand set pieces or epic bosses . My only real criticism is that the pacing of the story is often misjudged and takes momentum away from the game, but this title still comes highly recommended.

(Apologies to the teams of Japanese artists who surely toiled for weeks creating a strong and sexy heroine, my artistic capabilities have plumbed new depths)

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  1. hey there! I'm the member of a design group called local no. 12 and we looooove your illustrations. We have a project with funding (modest, but it's funding) and want to hire you and buy some of the images you've already done. Can you contact me if you're interested?